Speech, Language and Feeding Therapy for all ages


South Mountain Speech and Feeding is a speech, language and feeding therapy practice with the primary goal of helping clients reach their full feeding and communication potential.  We focus on treating the individual rather than the isolated problem, and partner with our clients and their caregivers to decrease stress related to mealtimes and communication.

Feeding therapy can address a wide variety of food-related issues from birth through adulthood, including difficulty nursing; continued nursing difficulties following tongue-tie revisions; difficulty with transitions to bottles and cups; feeding aversions; oral motor delays; difficulty swallowing; food refusal; and poor weight gain.

Our program seeks to build a foundation for successful oral feeding and fosters the development of oral feeding skills in a positive, child-friendly environment.  We help children experience meals through all the senses and reduce anxiety and discomfort in the process by utilizing a variety of techniques, including Beckman Oral Motor and sensory motor approaches.

Speech therapy is used to address the development of speech sounds, and the clarity of speech. Speech therapy can assist children who exhibit difficulty speaking clearly, either for one of two sounds, or if family members and friends have difficulty understanding them during conversation. Adults who are non-native English speakers can benefit from speech therapy to aid in accent reduction.

Language therapy can address a number of difficulties across the age span, from toddlers who have yet to express their first words, preschoolers who exhibit difficulty expressing their needs and wants and expanding their vocabulary and sentences, to school-age children struggling with following directions, answering questions, solving problems and drawing inferences. Adults can also benefit from language therapy for word-finding difficulties, as well as relearning grammar and language as a non-native English speaker.