Please download and complete South Mountain Speech and Feeding’s New Client Information Forms and bring them with you to your initial appointment. 

Additionally, please complete the appropriate online Evaluation Intake Form linked below, so that we can be best prepared for our for your initial appointment.

Approximately 2-3 weeks following your child's evaluation, you will receive a written report detailing the findings and outlining impressions and recommendations. Speech and language or feeding goals will be formulated based on the evaluation results and your concerns.

Speech and Language Evaluations

Evaluations are customized to fit the needs of your child. Rachel uses a combination of standardized testing, informal observations and parent reports to assess skills and determine areas on which to focus.  The most accurate and current instrumentation are utilized to obtain diagnostic therapeutic outcomes.

Complete the Speech and Language Evaluation Intake Form here.

Infant Feeding Evaluations

Feeding evaluations for infants are completed using a combination of oral-motor assessments, nursing observations and parent reporting. Additional information can be compiled from other professionals involved in the child’s care and health, including lactation consultants and medical professionals.

Compete the Infant Feeding Evaluation Intake Form here.

Pediatric Feeding Evaluations

Pediatric feeding evaluations utilize a combination of oral-motor assessments, parent reporting and the introduction of preferred and non-preferred foods and various textures. Please come prepared with foods that your child enjoys, as well as foods that are less desired.

Complete the Pediatric Feeding Evaluation Intake Form here.